Digital Tools and Online Teaching

Course Description:

This course was specially designed for all teachers who would like to start using digital educational tools in their classrooms. Currently, there are many digital educational and creative tools that are easy to use.

Course participants will learn about various creative applications, work on group projects, and try out these applications in practice.

In addition, course participants will receive an overview of teaching resources that they can use to inspire or facilitate their work.

At the end of the course, participants will have gained an overview of applications and tools, will be able to utilize these applications[ and will have a better general understanding of how to use digital tools.


Course Objectives

  • To acquire a broad overview of available web-based applications
  • To share knowledge about applications and on-line teaching
  • To learn the purpose and functions of these applications
  • To examine the Canva and Genially applications in more depth
  • To learn how to use these applications
  • To learn how to incorporate these applications into lesson plans using a practical, hands-on approach, i.e., by working on individual projects
  • To practice working with the applications



Day 1 – Introduction

  • Introduction to the course and the school
  • Presentations of the participants’ schools
  • A demonstration of activities with digital tools
  • On-line teaching - Using digital tools in the classroom, personal experiences

Day 2

  • Introduction to Canva, registration, free and Pro options
  • An overview of tips for individual activities
  • Group project
  • Basic functions and controls, simple activities to try right away

Day 3

  • Introduction to Genially, registration, free and Pro options
  • Basic functions and controls, simple activities to try right away
  • An overview of tips for individual activities
  • Group project


Day 4

  • A simple overview of various digital applications and tools that can benefit students, e.g., educational videos, games, tips for acquiring materials
  • The usage of these applications in on-line teaching

Day 5

  • Work on individual projects – incorporating these tools into your lessons
  • Course evaluation: a roundup of acquired competences, feedback, and discussion
  • Awarding the course’s Certificate of Attendance.

Course Designer:

Mgr. Kateřina Gilíková

  • Spanish and Czech for foreigners teacher 
  • Experieces with on-line teaching 5 years
  • Trainer of Digital Tools
  • Participant of Erasmus+ project Teachers in the Distance, Coursera Canva courses, etc.